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Our manufacturers for kitchens, appliances and accessories

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At Küchenwelten we select our manufacturers with great care. Why? We want to offer our customers only the best for their kitchens, and our individual kitchen plans can only be realised with high-quality products. First-class materials, well-thought out fittings and accurate workmanship are further guarantees for the durability of our kitchens.

Our manufacturers, including Warendorf, LEICHT and Schüller, are known for their top-quality materials, longevity, carefully thought-out features and precise workmanship. 

For individual plans

Our manufacturers are distinguished not only by excellent quality but also by a broad product range with countless planning alternatives. For you, that means a great range of kitchens, electrical appliances and accessories for you to choose from. With the flexible products from our kitchen manufacturers, you can create your kitchen entirely according to your taste and requirements.


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