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Smart Home

Intelligent systems for the home

Control with a single click

The term smart home refers to the integration of domotics and household appliances. Elements such as kitchen appliances, lamps and blinds are digitally connected to a central control unit. A smartphone or tablet with a special app can then be used to control and monitor all devices and elements from anywhere with a single button. The advantages: high comfort and improved safety.

Practical functions

Several manufacturers now offer smart home systems for kitchens, with which ovens, dishwashers etc. can be switched on and off as well as programmed. The possible functions are countless. For example, you can set your coffee maker to have the coffee brewed and waiting when you wake up, check while on the go that all lights and appliances are switched off, or preheat your oven. The possibilities are extremely diverse. We will be happy to inform you in more detail and show you how the system works, using our smart homedemo kitchen.

Bosch Home Connect

Home Connect is the intelligent home appliance network for your kitchen. The appliances are connected to your smartphone or tablet over W-LAN and controlled from there. This allows you to start your dishwasher on the go, check that your oven is switched off, and much more. With Home Connect you will also get access to digital user manuals and a practical recipe database. Experience the future world of kitchens!